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Change of Major Students

The number of change of major students that can be admitted to the School of Nursing is limited and selective.

In addition to satisfying university requirements for admission with advanced standing, you must complete all prerequisite courses taken at UC Irvine with a grade of C or higher.

For prerequisite courses taken at a public California college or university, please refer to the ASSIST student-transfer information system for approved and articulated courses. Prerequisite courses taken outside of UC Irvine must be passed with a grade of B or higher.

Applicant eligibility

You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to be considered. Students with the highest overall GPA and satisfactory completion of course prerequisites will be given priority.

In addition to academic history, other important factors in admission selection include academic honors or recognition, leadership activities, volunteer and/or work experiences - especially in a healthcare setting, bilingual abilities, and an essay.

For more information, visit the UC Irvine Change of Major website

For specifics on prerequisite requirements and sequencing click here

How to apply

All change of major applicants must submit the Nursing Science Supplemental Application by Nov. 30 to be eligible for admission.

To apply, email to request an application. Applications will be available beginning Oct. 1.

Submit your completed application to our office no later than Nov. 30. Change of major students are admitted at the beginning of the winter quarter. You must complete all Nursing Science prerequisite courses before entering the upper-division Nursing Science courses.

Prerequisite Courses »
  • All prerequisite courses must either be completed, in progress or planned at the time of application (Please visit the UC Irvine Change of Major website)
  • Prerequisites must be completed before upper-division Nursing Science courses can be taken in the fall.
  • Prerequisites cannot be taken concurrently with the upper-level Nursing Science courses.
  • All science prerequisites must be taken at UCI.  Non-science required courses taken at another institution must be completed with a "B" or better.
  • Prerequisite courses must be taken within five years of entering the program.
  • To find equivalent courses at a public California college or university, refer to the ASSIST student-transfer information system.
  • Please contact the Nursing Science Student Affairs office at if you have questions regarding course equivalency.


Course Title at UC Irvine Units Comments
General Chemistry Series Chem 1A/1B/1C 12 total Need two semesters or three quarters. Must be a letter grade.
Organic Chemistry Chem 51A 4 Letter grade
Basic Statistics Math 7/Stat 7/Stat 81 4 Letter grade
Genetics Bio Sci 97 4 Letter grade
Biochemistry Bio Sci 98 4 Letter grade
Microbiology Bio Sci M122 4 Letter grade
Microbiology Lab Bio Sci M118L 4 Letter grade
Human Physiology Bio Sci E109 4 Letter grade
Physiology Lab Bio Sci E112L 3 Letter grade
Human Anatomy Bio Sci D170 6 Letter grade
Intro to Psychology Psych 7A2 4 Letter grade
Intro to Sociology Soc 13 4 Letter grade
Philosophy Phil 4/Phil 54 4 Letter grade
Public Health PH 1 4 Letter grade

Prerequisite notes

1. Stats 7, 8, Psych 10A, Soc 10A, Soc Sci 10A will meet this requirement.

2. Psych 7A, 9A, 9B, 9C, 78A*, P9, P11A, P11B, P11C will meet this requirement.

3. Soc 1, 2, 3, 31*, 44**, 62, Soc Sci 1A, Anthro 2A, 2D, 41A, 134D** will meet this requirement. 
* Psych 78A and Soc 31 are cross-listed courses and can only be counted once for either the Psych or Soc requirement.
** Soc 44 & Anthro 134D do not meet G.E. Cat. III requirements.

4. Philosophy 4, 5 will meet this requirement.

Waiving and sequencing of prerequisites

Change of major students who intend to apply to the Nursing Science program should be aware that we cannot waive course prerequisites for any Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences or School of Physical Sciences courses. You must adhere to the course prerequisites that these schools have established. These are published in the course descriptions that appear in the class catalog.

Change of major students should take bio/chem classes in a specific order. See the sequencing of biology and chemistry prerequisite courses (PDF) ›

Change of major admissions

Change of major students are admitted prior to winter quarter of your sophomore year. You will be authorized to enroll in and complete Bio Sci E109 in winter quarter and Bio Sci M122 and Bio Sci D170 in spring quarter. Bio Sci M118L and Bio Sci E112L can be taken in summer.

Change of major students must complete the upper-division Nursing Science courses in two years.

Admitted Student Profiles »

Admission into the UC Irvine School of Nursing is competitive and highly selective. The number of students in the major is small because of the limited availability of clinical placements.

Due to the increasing number of applicants and selective nature of the program, it is strongly recommended that prospective students research other nursing programs as well. The number of admitted students every year varies and is based on admission patterns from previous years.

2018 change of major applicants: 82

2018 change of major admissions: 11 (13% admitted)

Average cumulative GPA: 3.75

Cumulative GPA range of admissions: 3.52 - 3.90

Course Curriculum »

Junior quarters

Fall Winter Spring
Nur Sci 110W Frameworks for Professional Nursing Practice (5 units) Nur Sci 112LB Foundations for Professional Practice (4 units) Nur Sci 120 Adult Health Care (8 units)
Nur Sci 112LA Foundations for Professional Practice (3) Nur Sci 125 Research Methods & Applications in Health Care (4) Nur Sci 140 Human Behavior & Mental Health Care (7)
Nur Sci 114A Applied Pharmacology I (2) Nur Sci 114B Applied Pharmacology II (2)
Nur Sci 118A Human Health and Disease I (2) Nur Sci 118B Human Health and Disease II (2)
Psych 120D or Psy Beh 101D Developmental Psychology (4) Nur Sci 135 Older Adult Health Care (2)

Senior quarters

Fall Winter Spring
Nur Sci 130 Maternity and Women's Health Care (8) Nur Sci 150 Critical and Specialty Health Care (6) Nur Sci 170 Community-Based Health Care (6)
Nur Sci 132 Pediatrics: Care of Children and Families (7) Nur Sci 150 Critical and Specialty Health Care (6) Nur Sci 175L Clinical Preceptorship (6)
Nur Sci 179A Scholarly Concentration I (2) Nur Sci 179BW Scholarly Concentration II (2)
Information Sessions »

Nursing Science Student Affairs holds two change of major information sessions each quarter.

Our Fall 2018 information session dates are:

  • Friday, October 19th from 2-3 p.m.
  • Friday, November 16th from 2-3 p.m.

RSVP is required. To RSVP, email

Video Presentation »
Frequently Asked Questions »

How do I become a registered nurse?
Three major educational paths are offered in our Nursing Science program. For more information, see how to become a registered nurse ›

Why is Nursing Science a restricted major?
We receive a large number of applicants annually and are able to accept only a limited number of these students. The limited number of spaces in the program is based on the availability of required clinical placement sites. 

What are the tuition/fees for the program?

For current fee and tuition information, refer to the University Registrar website ›

Do you have an RN to BSN program?

UC Irvine does not offer an RN to BSN program. California schools that offer these programs are listed on the California Board of Registered Nursing website ›

How long will it take me to complete the program?

The BS in Nursing Science is a four-year program for students who are admitted into the program as freshmen. It is a two-year program (upper-division Nursing Science courses) for transfer or change of major students.

Is this a direct-entry program or do I need to reapply at sophomore standing?

Our program is a direct-entry program for students admitted into the Nursing Science major as freshmen. These students do not need to reapply for admission into the upper division. 

How many spaces typically are available each year?

The program goal is to graduate 50 students per year. We usually admit about 30 students at the freshman level and about 20 for the upper-division.

Can I take Nursing Science courses without being in the major?
No, enrollment in Nursing Science courses is restricted to majors only.

Do you accept out-of-state students?
Yes, we accept out-of-state students into the program.

Do you accept international students?

Yes, we accept international students into the program. However, please keep in mind in order to sign up for the NCLEX, students are required to either have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN). Getting an ITIN or SSN beforehand will prevent any delays with the BRN.

What if I am not admitted into the Nursing Science major?

Students not admitted may reapply the following year. There is no limit to the number of times you can apply. Once you enter our program, you must complete a minimum of two years of upper-division Nursing Science courses.

Is there a waiting list?

No, the Nursing Science program does not maintain a waiting list.

Do you require the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)?
No, the Nursing Science program does not require this test as part of our admissions process.

Do I have to take prerequisite courses at UC Irvine?
No, prerequisite courses can be taken at UC Irvine, community colleges or other accredited universities, pending course equivalency.

Is there a time limit for me to complete my prerequisites?
Yes, prerequisite courses must be taken within five years of entering the program.

Is there a part-time option for the program?
No, the bachelor of science program is a full-time program.

Are there evening courses? Or Nursing Science courses in the summer?
No, the upper-division courses in the bachelor of science program are offered during the day only. Upper-division courses are offered during fall, winter and spring quarters only.

Are there additional courses required that aren’t prerequisite courses?
Yes. Although they are not listed here as Nursing Science prerequisite courses for admission, you may also need to complete Bio Sci 93 and 94, along with all of the general chemistry labs. These are university-level prerequisites for enrolling in UC Irvine’s Bio Sci 97 and Chemistry 51A. For the most updated information on course prerequisites, please refer to the schedule of classes when planning your courses.

If I’m admitted to the program, will I need my own transportation for clinical rotations?
Clinical rotations begin in the spring quarter of junior year. You will need to either provide your own transportation or coordinate with a fellow classmate in your clinical group. By the final quarter of your senior year, you must provide your own transportation for your clinical preceptorship course.