UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Alumni Association

Welcome, UC Irvine Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing alumni.

Our goal is to stay connected with you. If you have not already done so, please send us your updated email address (your email address can expire) to so you can receive regular communications from us.

Alumni Leaders

Steven Bereta, Co-Chair Jeffrey Vu, Co-Chair Tiffany Nielsen, MS Class of 2013, and UCI Nursing Faculty Member
Steven Bereta
(BS 2009, MS 2012)
Jeffrey Vu
(BS 2009, MS 2014)
Tiffany Nielsen
(MS 2013)
Faculty Sponsor

Sarah Rodrigues Vacant Jessica Banks, BS 2011 Leah Centanni, MS Class of 2011 Taryn Tanner
Sara Rodrigues
(BS 2009)
BS c/o 2009 Rep
Heaven Holdbrooks
(BS 2010)
BS c/o 2010 Rep
Jessica Banks
(BS 2011)
 BS c/o 2011 Rep
Leah Centanni
(MS 2011)
MS c/o 2011 Co-Rep
Taryn Tanner
(MS 2011)
MS c/o 2011 Co-Rep

John Alejandro, BS Class of 2012 Jaclyn Degroot Vacant Vacant
John Alejandro
(BS 2012, MS 2016)
BS c/o 2012 Rep
Jaclyn Degroot
(MS 2012)
MS c/o 2012 Rep
(BS 2013)
BS c/o 2013 Rep
Tiffany Nielsen
(MS 2013)
MS c/o 2013 Rep

Heather Craun Olivia Cota Amanda Johnson Nora Witt
Heather Craun
(BS 2014)
BS c/o 2014 Rep
Olivia Cota
(Post Grad 2014)
MS c/o 2014 Rep
Amanda Johnson
(BS 2015)
BS c/o 2015 Rep
Nora Witt
(MS 2015)
MS c/o 2015 Rep

Lily Wagner Danielle Godino Andrea Lao Kutcher Samantha Normandin
Lily Wagner
(BS 2016)
BS c/o 2016 Rep
Danielle Godino
(MS 2016)
MS c/o 2016 Rep
Andrea Lao Kutcher
(BS 2017)
BS c/o 2017 Rep
Samantha Normandin
(MS 2017)
MS c/o 2017 Rep

Michelle Chan Jenny Peterson Vacant
Michelle Chan
PhD Rep
Jenny Peterson
PhD Rep
PhD Rep

How to stay involved

Contact Executive Director of Health Advancement Valerie Amador at or (714) 509-2113. You connect with us via social media at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, or reach out directly to your class representative. 


The School of Nursing faculty seek alumni who are interested in interacting with our current students through foundational courses, mock interviews and community events such as our annual Community Wellness Day at El Sol Academy. Nursing alumni may also serve as preceptors to our students during clinical rotations.

Alumni events

Reconnect with your classmates and faculty at a School of Nursing alumni event. You are invited to attend the annual Alumni Luncheon in January. In addition to these annual events, you can connect with us through faculty/alumni wine mixers, student/alumni service projects and the alumni welcome event for new grads. To provide suggestions for potential alumni events or to help coordinate the alumni program, please contact the director of development.

  • Nursing Alumni Luncheon on Saturday, January 12, 2019, 11:30am at University Club, Irvine | RSVP TBD.

UC Irvine Alumni Association

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All contributions, regardless of size, make an impact. Wish lists for simulation equipment and supplies to enhance our School are available on request. To learn more about donation opportunities, visit our Support Nursing page ›