California Strategic Planning Committee for Nursing (CSPCN)

Between 1997 and 2001 the California Strategic Planning Committee for Nursing (CSPCN) analyzed and reported on the state of California’s nursing workforce and nursing education programs. Through a three phase process, the CSPCN found that a serious nursing shortage already affected California and that current public education programs were already at maximum enrollment with little opportunity to expand. Due in part to the recommendations of this committee, the University of California has established and expanded nursing education at the Irvine, Davis, and Los Angeles campuses.

CSPCN Project Leadership

  • Sarah B. Keating, EdD, FAAN Chair, CSPCN
  • Ellen Lewis, MSN, FAAN Project Director
  • Karen R. Sechrist, PhD, FAAN Project Investigator
  • Dana Rutledge Project Associate and Website